The Wouxun KG-D901

Last year we broke the news about a new portable DMR radio, the KG-D901. We announced it on our blog, covered it in Episode 99 of the Two Way Radio Show Podcast, and gave the world a first look at it in our Wouxun KG-D901 preview video.

Yes, it was certainly news, but it wasn't just about the radio itself. What made this newsworthy was the fact it was the first DMR from Wouxun, and it was an announcement of their plan to enter the digital radio market. Now their entrance is official. The Wouxun KG-D901 DMR Digital Two Way Radio has arrived!

Since we've told you about the radio already, we won't repeat it all here. The info and specs on the Wouxun KG-D901 are available at Buy Two Way Radios, and now, so is the radio!

There is just one thing to note. At the time of this publication, the Wouxun KG-D901 is currently available in a very limited quantity, so if you want to be one of the first to have it, you may want to get it now.


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