DMR just my opinion

DMR is great. I can drive across the state of Michigan and be in coverage of the 12 linked 

DMR repeaters, the radio will 'roam' from site to site without changing channel!
comparing prices d-star is NOT cheap either

DSTAR HT's : id51a $640, IC91 $540, IC92AD $555, ID31 (monoband) $300
DSTAR Mobiles: IC-2820H $944, ID1 $950 ID880H $500
compare that to the price of motorolas DMR's
DMR HT's: XPR7550 $700, XPR6550 $629, SL7550 $700
DMR Mobiles: XPR4550: $550 XPR5550 $600
Also motorolas xpr3500 series is a cheaper DMR radio line with less features then the 6550/7550's

Its true moto makes you Buy CPS, Hytera i think is FREE.

DMR repeater are cheaper, and do not require a club callsign to link online.
There are FPP options for mototrbo and is now standard on hytera DMR radios. Word is there is also a baofeng type dual band DMR HT's coming out of china soon.
The 2 time slot nature of DMR lets you have 2 separate simultaneous conversations on a repeater. This is very nice. Typically 1 slot is for wide are comms, and 1 slot is for local. Dstar does not have this capability.

mono-band radios typically have better sensitivity and selectivity. my experience the frontend on the wide-band radios are easily overloaded by strong signals in urban areas
Dstar standard is almost 10 years old, The codec is NOT the same. dstar is AMBE while DMR uses the newer, improved AMBE+2000.

Its true that DMR is mostly marketed to commercial users, and the DSTAR network has more ham orientated features, but you will find a large friendly growing community of hams using DMR that are experimenting with new features as well as vendors that will give you good pricing.

the DMR-MARC is a worldwide linked network of Motorola repeaters all over the world. There is also a growing community of hytera and kenwood linked DMR networks.
However, i admit if you need to talk to Nigeria u will need a Dstar!
Thats just my opinion

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