Toronto on the DMR network of 130+ repeaters

It's great to have Toronto on the network of 130+ repeaters now. Our growth has been very strong over the last 3 years. We are in 11 countries now with over 2200 users. We expect Italy to be online very soon. We're offering something that is very new and innovative at If you want to join us, we're a tech savvy crew and we have some real neat tools to make sure our network is very reliable and efficient. We only require the MOTOTRBO repeaters since we want to commonize the architecture to a compatible top level and achieve the highest reliability so that our volunteer staff doesn't have to spend hours troubleshooting issues. However, Since DMR is an international standard, you can use several mobiles and portables from Motorola, Vertex Standard, Tait, Kirisun, Hytera, Simoco, the Harris radios that are made by Hytera, and other smaller Chinese startup DMR manufacturers. Do some digging as Dave suggested and you will find the radios are sold by tiers. Some radios lack features and are dirt cheap. Some have all the bells and whistles and cost more. I've seen DMR radios go for as low as $200 new and as high as $625 new, depending on what features you get and from what distributor. XPR8400 Repeaters are less than $2000 USD and contain all you need to get on the network aside from a duplexer and antenna Do your homework and talk to someone who has a TRBO system on the air and ask them what they think. Don't just take our word for it. 73.

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