Making Private Calls

There are actually four types of calls on DMR: "Private", group, All-Call, and Data calls (Text Messaging).

The general feeling of most network operators in the Amateur networks is to discourage "Private" calls because they tie up time slots and other users will not know why.  If you really feel you want a "Private" call use your cellphone. The use of All-CALL is also discouraged except for emergency type use. Data calls (Text messaging) uses very little bandwidth and works fine locally but may not work across the bridges unless they are configured for it.

A repeater operator can also implement RAS (Restricted Access to System) with Key Authentication and keep all the Non-Mototrbo radios from using the system (as they do not support this technology), this will also keep non-authenicated radios from listening to group calls on the RAS enabled repeaters. RAS also allows the repeater operator to lock out individual user IDs, or only allow access to authorized user IDs.

In Canada, encryption is allowed in amateur radio unlike the US.

"Private" calls are not really private, my radio has the option of allowing me to hear ALL calls on a time-slot.

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